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Find Rare Books Book Value. Sign up to receive offers and updates: However, this book is written like a mystery, with the author searching for facts about a life that is largely unknown and, at the point she makes the attempt, largely unknowable. The connecting of the dots makes for fascinating reading. The author was particularly skillful in the method she focused on certain details, emphasizing things in the method a medium might in what she finds in the dregs of her emptied cup of tea. Also, I enjoyed how the author painted not only a picture of her lost grandmother, but of the hours she had once walked giving the reader a sense of put and time as well as private history.

Certainly the most interesting biography that I've ever read. Suzanne Berne took on a bigger challenge in writing Missing Lucile. She chose to write about a grandmother she never e effect is a fascinating, Sherlock Holmes-style sleuthing of history, where the author pieces together a life from physical fragments found in a fruitcake tin. She died at 43 of stomach cancer, leaving behind a son who, it seemed, hardly knew her. Anyone who cherishes family, and history, will also cherish Missing Lucile. This book is author Suzanne Berne's find for her paternal grandmother who died in and left a void in her family's private history that was never filled and never completely onically, Berne's grandmother Lucile Kroger Berne was not exactly a typical wife and mother by circumstance or inclination.

The third kid of Bernard Kroger, a self-made supermarket magnate who founded in the late 19th century what would become the Kroger Grocery chain, Lucile was essentially a kid of amazing privilege. The first family member to graduate college, Lucile had a sharp mind for business and during the period of WWI served as the treasurer of her father's company when her brothers were off serving in the military. She was an aid worker in Europe as the battle wound down and an early feminist who participated in the causes of early 20th century women.

She was also a seemingly depressed wife and housewife who found small happiness in her marriage and home. It was Berne's quest to search all of this out about her grandmother and debunk the myths and misconceptions that had been handed down through family lore in remote bits and pieces. On the face of it, the facts concerning Berne's grandmother are not necessarily explosive or riddled with scandal or intrigue though they certainly are interesting. Berne's quest was fascinating.

With very small to go on, it was surprising how much Berne was able to learn about a woman who had been dead for nearly 80 years. When I finished this book, I was relieved that Lucile was no longer lost to wishful thinking and incomplete memories of family members but I was also saddened by a life that was taken far too is book proved to be an interesting window into a family of wealth during the early 20th century as well as a tale of how death can affect a family like unending ripples on is is a terrific memoir of a family affected by death.

Suzanne Berne is a truly gifted novelist. Her previous three books I have immensely enjoyed. I appreciated the private slant to this novel. I read this book extremely quickly and found the story of finding a deeper understanding of yourself through an exploration of family history important, poignant, and deeply relevant to any reader. Readers obtain to be show for Berne's creation of her private narrative through her exploration of her family history through remembered family vignettes and found documents-- a touching and moving process to be able to witness.

Created me think a lot about my own family in the process. Highly recommend this to any reader. Memory Man is the first book of two so far in Baldacci's newest series featuring a rather special hero named Amos Decker. As a 22 year old playing his first NFL game, Decker, on his very first play, suffers a traumatic head injury that not only ended his football career, it induced hyperthymesia and synesthesia -- resulting in his never forgetting anything and his counting in colors and seeing time as pictures in his head. I won't provide a plot description as this can be gotten from the Amazon Book Description above.

Rather, I'll provide some of my feelings about Memory Man which, hopefully, will be of support in deciding if it is a book you'll wish to read. Overall, there several key positive aspects that far outweigh what I consider to be its one, but not insignificant, key flaw. On the positive side, Baldacci writes in a brisk narrative style and composes dialogue that is realistic for the characters speaking it.

The plot is multi-faceted, interesting, fast-paced and has an above-average amount of twists and turns. And, perhaps, most importantly, Baldacci's main hero and more secondary "good guy" characters are beautiful well-developed and likeable enough to create me interested in going along with them on their next case. Further, you're not likely to forget a villain in this book anytime r me, these aspects override a number of the actions of Amos Decker and some of the motivations of a villain that I consider to be far-fetched enough to almost push me to the very edge of my ability to suspend belief.

This flaw resulted in my deducting one star from my overall rating. If you can accept a plot that while fun and interesting has some credibility issues, than I think Memory Man is a book worthy of your consideration. I, for one, found Memory Man to have enough merit to create me interested enough to read the second book in the Amos Decker series, called The Latest Mile.

I could go on and write a review of this amazing book, but I will spare you my story review, because all I will tell you is that you will not be disappointed, at all, with this recent book by Mr. I don't know you, but, as an avid reader, or for a amazing summer read, most definitely buy this David Baldacci "Memory Man' The find for entertainment on my kindle is always successful.

However; the find for quality work? This is the first David Baldacci novel i have ever had the pleasure of reading. My mom however, devours his works. I hold buying and searching for his work because she said there's no method she could leave this earth if there's a Baldacci book in her apartment she hasn't read. Mom is the best mate I have, she's just turned 82 and hence Moms on a fixed income. I am going to find for the rest of this series next. So I can join her in the unbelievable experience of reading a quality, wonderful, ank you Mr.

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Your attention to detail, unbelievable hero building, suspenseful and gripping story line has earned you another faithful fan. Baldacci's novels are well written and full of detail. The info in this book are so vivid that one can actually obtain in the stage and feel like one is a witness to what is transpiring in the novel. Such is the method I felt while reading Memory Man. It's quite believable that a vicious NFL tackle can either slay you or create you a genius savant - which in this case happened and eventually helped the main hero as a top notch detective.

He is able to remember every detail of everything he sees like a video recorder so it's quite helpful in his profession. However, his family gets killed and so a novel is started with this devastating e story unfolds ever so slowly and at times, painstakingly slow but there is enough detail there to obtain one hold reading. The reward is satisfying. If you have read other Baldacci novels, they are always full of min info and the characters are more nuanced than most.

You obtain to know them as much as you wish to know the hero in a l in all, it's a amazing book to read. I have ordered the other 2 books in the series and regretfully, I have not started reading the second book yet. I have a lot to read before that but there is always that book to look forward to. So a lot of plots and characters! And over pages.

Baldacci has written another amazing story; this time it involves Amos Decker, a fresh character. Amos Decker is introduced in this book as a completely fresh character. You will see why he is the method he is. And, who killed his wife, daughter and brother-in-law? The story is very fast-paced, with lots of travel included. Be forewarned, however, that once you begin it, you will have a hard time putting this book down. So a lot of short chapters and fresh episodes involved in almost every one. This is the first in the Amos Decker series, and I recommend, having read a subsequent one, that you read all three.

I had previously read one of the Amos Decker series; he is a very interesting character. It's not important to have read another "Amos"novel because the author does a amazing job in his description of the "how's" and "why's" of Amos's e buildup and hero development at the beginning of the book were so amazing that I anticipated a twisted surprise ending. Piece-by-piece, Amos finds the clues of the identity of the perpetrators of the murder of his own family and of a seemingly unrelated high school shooting.

His talent at discovering evidence that evades other cops lies in his prodigious, trauma-induced super the end, too a lot of clues are disclosed to the reader. The ending, even with its bizarre antagonists, was all too predictable. Amazing story, but the finish was disappointing. I think it would have been interesting to have created Amos more of a romantic character.

He's portrayed as socially aloof and morbidly obese. Both his police partner and the enterprising reporter females both have amazing respect for him and he has ample, unfulfilled opportunities to have more than a professional relationship with them. It would have been interesting to throw "fat man with weird memory falls in love with intelligent woman" into the novel, a book that is already a textbook of psychiatric anomalies. Not the best Baldacci book I've read but certainly entertaining enough to create me wish to buy the next in the series.

The hook is Amos Decker's wonderful memory and ability to see colors when others would feel emotions, a condition caused by a traumatic head injury. Using these abilities, Decker solves the mystery of his wife and child's murder along with several others by the same killer. The pace of the story ebbed and flowed throughout so it was not the fastest read ever, but it built to a climax that though not the greatest did pull the reader along quite well. I enjoyed Decker's deductive reasoning as he pursued the killer, tapping into his exceptional memory for clues no one else had the ability to find.

The secondary characters and villain are well drawn and work well in the story. One flaw in this, and a lot of other books, is that at the climactic moment the villain is willing to talk and explain, or let Decker to do so, rather than act. I've always had a hard time with that. Otherwise I enjoyed the book and recommend it to murder mystery lovers. I have read most of Baldacci's books and for the most part have enjoyed them for fun reading. I have enjoyed the Roby, Maxwell and Camel Club characters beautiful well so looked forward to "meeting" a fresh character.

As so a lot of have reviewed the plot line before me I see no need to address that part; plenty of amazing reviews to pick from if interested. I enjoyed the fact that Amos is a beautiful flawed hero and reluctantly gets drawn into the story. The other characters around him seemed, at places, to bing to grow and develop only to have another hero take over in the story.

I wanted to see his partner or the reporter developed a bit more but trying to do both and have the FBI lead agent also be a main hero was a stretch. Where this went a bit off the rails for me was the excess, or consequence, of Amos's injury - excellent memory in numbers, colors, words and other "issues" that got a bit confusing in locations - or perhaps a better word might be too complex for the story. At times I wondered if I was reading a quasi scifi novel. The story plodded somewhat for me; not the edge-of-the-seat intensity that a lot of of Baldacci's other books are, yet it maintained my interest in ways that let me to give the rating I did and to recommend the book.

Not Baldacci's best nor the weakest. I will probably read others in this hero series if they are forthcoming. I don't know how this book got a amazing review. The plot just rambled on and on. I've beautiful much read all of Baldacci's books and this is the first one I did not like.

I read The Latest Mile, second book in this series, which is enjoyable and doesn't ramble on about the small our trivial. I guess this book being in the first of a series is about the development and back ground of Amos Decker. If I had read this book first, I would not have bothered with the other book in this series. If this is your first Baldacci book and you do not like it, I'd advise you to test one more of his books, he is one of my favorite authors and one I'll continue reading.

I rated the book as "full of surprises", but not for the reasons that I assume were expected. It is certainly impossible to anticipate where it is going, but the reader expects that it will create some sort of sense. Certainly it starts with a bang and the main hero is intriguing. However, I did not search him very itially, the premise seemed to promise a amazing deal, but as it went on, it became more and more complicated and less and less plausible. A mystery like this one is certainly not a documentary, but it must create internal sense in its own terms. I don't think this one also appears to end in a amazing rush, as though the author had been told that it was going to be too long and that he had to compress it l in all, it kept my interest but it was not a lot of fun.

What a unbelievable read from Grace Callaway! I finished it all in one sitting. The hero of Polly Kent is probably one of the most interesting heroines I've read about in some time. She can't read minds, but she definitely knows how one feels whether it be fear, contentment, attraction, nervousness etc. She's been ridiculed in the past for her talents and she views it as a curse rather than a blessing. As a effect she's reluctant to share this part of herself with anyone outside her immediate family and understandably njin is a man who's tormented by his upbringing by a cold stepmother and a harsh father.

He's was the spare to the Dukedom and becomes the heir when his much favored older brother passes away. To escape his pain he drowns himself in debauchery and one night with a whore changed his life forever. He woke up and found the woman he slept with badly beaten and the only obvious culprit is himself. At first, he couldn't dismiss the chance it was him, but as vague memories begin resurfacing he becomes more and more sure he's been set up.

I won't go much into detail on how he and Polly meet, let's say it was very memorable lol. He reaches out to the best investigator in London Polly's oldest brother to support clear his name. And it's at this point of the story that things really take off. He and Polly begin developing feelings for each other. She's the only person who believes him at first and he's beyond touched by this. I really loved the chemistry between these two. I don't think I'll ever obtain tired of the innocent country girl reforming the hardened rake storyline. So well told in this novel. What I really liked about this book is that despite the fact there's a mystery in the background, it never overshadows the hero development of the main protagonists.

The mystery is there and designed to further the relationship of Polly and Sinjin. Those two aspects of the novel complement each other instead of becoming competing priorities in the storyline. Callaway for finding that right e book also tips at what we'll see in her next novel which is about Rosie Kent. This is actually the book I'm most looking forward to simply because it has so much potential. If you've read her novel Her Protector's Pleasure, you'll know that Rosie was kidnapped and separated from her mother for several years.

We obtain to know her a bit more in this novel. It was a tad difficult to warm up to her in the beginning. She did seem frivolous and superficial, but as the novel went on, it became very clear there's more to her. And she and Polly had a very touching stage together close to the end of the novel. I also suspect Rosie's book will take us full circle with the novel that started it all, so I can't wait for that. I can't recommend this book enough. It was steamy, funny at times, heartfelt and just overall very well written with amazing chemistry between the two main leads. It's so hard to search quality romance novels these days.

So when I read one, I definitely wish to share my thoughts on it. Eagerly looking forward to the next installment I really admire this book for giving us a character with a mental disorder. I loved the mystery and relationship between these characters and I thought the journey these two take gave this story more depth. And it's really hot! Miss Polly Kent, a wallflower, has a unique talent that has convinced her that she cannot hope for love.

Polly can see the aura of people which gives her a sense of their emotions. A possibility encounter has her meeting up with the ton's largest rake, Sinjin Pelham, Earl of Revelstoke, the latest man she wants to see. Sinjin is in a jam as he apparently attacked a prostitute although he has no memory of the encounter. Soon Polly and her family are helping Sinjin search out the truth. He also has a dark private secret that keeps him painfully separate from people. The private encounters between Polly and Sinjin crackle with intensity and threaten ruin.

I enjoyed this book.

Missing Lucile : memories of a grandmother I never knew

I especially liked the complexity of Sinjin's hero and the willingness of the author to take the possibility to give her character a flaw that is definitely not common among heroes or heroine's in romance. The reality of the situation and the decision to not have a magic solution to solve the lifelong issues that this couple will have was a refreshing take that I did not expect. What I did expect from this romance was lots of heat and mystery. Both were just as I expected in the story.

The story has a little paranormal twist with Polly's talent but standard historical readers shouldn't turn away from this book for that reason because it is not a huge part of the story. Sinjin is one of my favorite Callaway heroes. He is deeply flawed and has struggled with his issues without much support. Like all amazing rakes, he finds something lasting and stabilizing about Polly -- a man who has any vice he wants sees something important in a decent and honorable of the Heart of Enquiry series will also obtain some significant appearances by characters from prior books.

While this book is a self-contained romance that can be read as a standalone, there are overlapping characters from previous books in the series that means that a reader gets more if they have read those RATING: I give this book 4 stars. This novel was amazing! The main characters, Polly and Sinjin were phenomenal.

What complex and fascinating people they were! Their personalities had so a lot of layers that it was an intensely emotional journey as they were all uncovered. The chemistry between them was just explosive and the sex I couldn't place down this riveting story. The plot had so a lot of twists and turns and never a dull moment. I was completely captivated by this heart-wrenching tale. My only disappointment was when Polly lost her "affliction.

Other than that, the ending was n't wait for more from GC. I liked a amazing deal about this book and am satisfied to have found a amazing historical romance author to read! The psychological aspects of this romance create it compelling. The character is bi polar in a time when there is no true treatment nor understanding of the condition.

The heroine has self esteem, trust, and body ey are both amazing people and the sexual chemistry between them is hot. This is s very sexy e heroine's family is as unbelievable as the hero's family is e plot of the story is well paced with lots of amazing secondary e history bit is very thin even with an poor peek into the treatment of the mentally ill at the time.

The heroine's sister is fairly unlovely and doesn't create me wish her to be the heroine of the next book nor buy in this heroine's adoration of ever, overall this was a very engaging read. Polly Kent is the youngest of the Kent siblings and probably the most insecure. Since an accident in her youth, Polly has been able to see a person's aura, a bonus that she keeps secret as she has been ridiculed for in the past. She has also been the topic of a wager and was damage badly when she found out.

The wager involved a young man she was attracted to, who stole a kiss from her and then later bragged to his mates that he won the wager to kiss the wallflower, not realizing that Polly was on the other side of the hedge. To create matters worse, Sinjin, the Earl of Revelstoke is party to the conversation and makes a comment that Polly totally misunderstands and takes to nths later when their paths cross again, Sinjin is a "guest" at an personal insane asylum and Polly catches him indulging in a very intimate act.

Later when Sinjin saves Rosie from an unhinged patient, Polly can barely be civil to him Sinjin has been sent to the asylum by his father after he was accused of beating a courtesan, Sinjin has no memory of the happening and can't believe he would ever hurt a woman. He suffers with what he calls "his devils" and I believe to be Bipolar Disorder. His father has institutionalize him and is trying to include the damage.

Polly and Sinjin meet again at her home when Sinjin escapes the asylum and comes to Ambrose for support in clearing his name. He spends the night and the next morning, confronts Polly about her coldness towards him. Once they talk, Polly realizes that she was wrong about him, so when her brother tells Sinjin that he wasn't able to obtain the witness to recant her story and that he won't be able to support him, Polly's sister Rosie who is smitten with Sinjin and hatches a plan to support clear his name and Polly feels obligated to assist.

When Rosie can't create the appointment to visit the witness, she convinces Polly to go in her place. Polly learns that the witness is lying by using her "gift". Sinjin bursts in and drags Polly out, in the carriage the two share a heated encounter and Sinjin insists that they marry. Polly wants no part in marriage to Sinjin, knowing that he will hate her when he learns of her ability and for his part, Sinjin has no desire to share his devils with her.

Polly finally agrees to allow Sinjin court her and this causes a rift between her and Rosie. When Polly agrees to marry Sinjin, it is with the condition that they can both hold their own lives personal as long as they do not break their vows , this works perfectly for Sinjin, until it doesn'e book is well written, has a lot of twists and turns, a lot of really, really HOT love scenes and a sweet satisfied could read this as a stand alone title, but I would recommend reading the series in order.

My first Grace Callaway book and probably not my last. Really well-developed characters and a nice twist on the plot device kept me happily entertained. Also, I appreciate when I am reading a series when the author continues inserting previous books' characters although I have not read any other books in this series as yet.

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  2. FUFFYS - Fucked up Fairytales (grey edition).
  3. Missing Lucile : memories of a grandmother I never knew /.

What spiked my interest is how Ms. Callaway brought out Sinjin's moods describing, I believe, what we now call Bipolar disorder -- well done all around. And, by the way, as noted in other reviews and in the "official" summary -- yep, lots of steamy scenes. I love this story of love found through insecurities, lies, danger, drama and calamity.

Insecurities comes from the wallflower, Polly Kent. Prolly has a secret that she want to hold hidden, therefore bringing out insecurities in herself. She disguises herself with unfashionable clothing and shies away from social gatherings. Until she has the misfortune of coming into contact with the Earl of Revelstroke, Sinjin, whom is surprisingly taken by the peculiar Polly.

I love the tension that you can feel off the pages of Sinjin and Polly, you can also feel the angst and attraction. It was a amazing drama to read with a surprise of whom the villain was. Especially when they are not too angsty This one was almost a 5 star for me, but the story went a small off kilter for me towards the end.

I wanted to see more of Polly and Sinjin deal with each other after learning of their afflictions and instead the ending was rushed with weird tangents thrown in. Also, will test to say this without a spoiler, but there was a plot point near the end regarding Polly's affliction that was totally unnecessary both literally and figurativelythere was no connection to further plot and I feel it lessened the story and the hero at that point.

Looking forward to Rosie's story even though she was a bit of a brat in a chunk of this book. I have now finished the Heart of Enquiry series and will soon begin Mayfair series. These books are flat out amazing. I got so caught up in each and every tale and several times in each I thought I was at the end.

Then I looked and I was maybe half method through. To my utter delight, each story just further than you thought possible. There is mystery, murder and so much romance. Another amazing story, with amazing depth of character. Romance, danger, intrigue and mystery all rolled into one explosive reading. Loved the epilogue, but hated when the story ended. Luckily there is more to come.

Anxiously awaiting Roses story. Also hoping she has in mind to write a romance for brother Harry. I think that would be great. Continue to bring your amazing story telling. Anyone who is interested in improving their memory should read this book. It has so a lot of amazing techniques that can be used for various scenarios. It even goes into some detail on diets that affect memory, which I personally believe is important.

I also found some info about how the brain works to be particularly interesting and informative. Enhance your memory like me: Memory Hints and Tricks is a useful book for any age person wanting to improve memory and combat memory loss. It goes beyond helping improve memorization skills, focusing on memory improvement techniques that work for all stages in life. There are 7 proven exercises, hints from experts ranging from the ancient Romans to modern psychiatrists. There is even a section on foods and vitamins that can support boost memory and e beginning of the book is a small technical and can be a bit difficult to follow, but the exercises and hints in the later part of the book are very useful.

I received this book free for my honest, unbiased review. This book is wonderful, it explains how memory works from both a scientific and practical standpoint. I really liked that it included activities that will support boost short and long term memory. Early on the book also provides info on lifestyle choices that can support or hinder memory, which is amazing for anyone looking to create changes towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Combined with some routines from "Mindfulness created Easy", I think could be a amazing year!

I found myself re-reading some passages, but I like that it was a small challenging to obtain through because it was unfamiliar content, and I feel like I now have a complex and thorough understanding of the topic matter. I will be making some of these exercises part of my regular routine, to create sure that my memory skills hold getting stronger and stay that way. I received this book for review from third voice marketing. The Book of Proven Techniques for Lasting Memory Improvement is filled with memory tools, tips, and techniques developed by experts who will present you how to make memorable photos in your mind and strengthen your capacity to remember.

Learn about the brain, how memory can be built up, and how is atrophies. Six necessary tools for memory improvement are described, each followed by examples of how the methods are used. The authors discuss how life style choices similar to food, alcohol, smoking, exercise, sleep, stress, social activity, medications, depression, age, technology, and multitasking affect your memory. Take a memory try and obtain started with improving your memory!

Memory is a tricky thing: But according to this book, memory is malleable and can be improved even as the connections in your brain between memories is book is so informative! It begins by detailing what memory is, and reasons for why you may have lost yours. Your diet, how much you exercize, your sleep pattern and even your social life have a role to play.

While some reasons seem obvious, I was surprised more than once to learn all the ways your ability to keep memories can be impeded by these , we are given two sections on exercizes you can do to improve your memory. The first section includes some primary exercizes, while the following is more advanced--utilizing strategies of memory experts.

I haven't gotten to those yet, but the more primary methods are helpful and actually quite fun and creative to do. If you've ever enjoyed mnemonic devices, you'll love some of these, such as using visualization or rhyming patterns to remember a message, string of numbers or what have you. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the science behind memories, as well as how to improve their own. These methods aren't mumbo-jumbo; they are tried and real exercizes that the champs of memory competitions use. Wow what an wonderful book for those of us with not good memory or even those with fair capabilities looking to improve.

I actually was a self taught musician up until college when I started receiving proper training. Memorizing chord progressions, theory, music after music became very tedious. I soon began to feel like as soon as I memorized one fresh technique or tune and old one was forced out of the memory bank. For anyone who struggles or just wish to improve their memory so they are not so heavily affected in their older years this is a amazing put start.

Beautiful interesting book, I never realized how much could be done to improve memory, or how much history there is in memory research. The short term memory tests are fun! I'm really excited to have my husband test some of these tactics to improve memory, as he tends to forget everything. I haven't had time to see any improvement in my own memory, but some of the hints in the book are ones I used in school and I know they work.

I still remember the first five presidents from an acronym in 4th grade. I received the kindle for free in exchange for my review, but the opinions posted are my own. I did wish to obtain to the memory tools right away, but I appreciate the info on how memory works.

I also appreciate the info on how things like diet, alcohol, caffeine, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, stress, multitasking and other things can affect memory. I liked the memory tests. It seems I may actually have a better memory than I thought, too much multitasking maybe? Overall, I think this book is a useful tool for helping improve memory.

A lot of of the tricks I was already familiar with- chunking, rhyming, and acronyms and acrostics, for example.

Most are also fairly simple. They may not all suit everybody- I found the way of loci and the concept of a memory palace not as easy as described, but I have a hard time with anything involving visualization. I received this book for free for the purpose of providing an unbiased review.

This book was very informative regarding the history and theories of the studies of the brain pertaining to memory. The book starts out with part one discussing the understanding of how memory works within the brain. The 2nd part is all written around the methods for improving the memory.

The latest part discusses advance exercises one can utilize to ensure the memory is continued to be exercised. The book also addresses some necessary nutrients to boost the memory. Overall, the book was thought provoking and informational. Although it appears that we are constantly using our brains for memory and recall, the fact is by exercising as in all other body parts, we can actually hold our memory more active and retain more information. Memory Hints and Tricks offer readers practical and effective tip on enhancing their brain power to stay sharp.

We all know that not good diet and lack of sleep and exercise along with stress, depression, or anxiety can have adverse effects on our mind and bodies. So, it is of the utmost importance to nurture your body and mind to make a productive lifestyle. Our brains have a remarkable ability to adapt and change. This book provides tangible methods to support stimulate, strengthen and boost your grey matter. Until recently she would only flip through magazines on occasion, or pick up a joke book with short one liners.

It took a lot of prodding to obtain her interested in reading a novel. We would go to a bookstore and suggest tons of books while trying to create each one sound as exciting as is book was one of the first books SHE mentioned wanting to read on her own. We jumped in the vehicle and raced off to the book shop to see if we could capitalize on her "read all of the books mood" once she flipped through the book she was hooked in We wanted to order it on amazon, so we negotiated the two day wait for shipping with her by offering to buy buying all three books in the series.

She me people may have an problem with this book's language or somewhat sketchy topic matter being appropriate for children, but honestly It's nothing she hasn't heard by now. If I am completely honest- With as much effort as we have place into encouraging her to read over the years, if she asked us to buy her a copy of Helter Skelter I might seriously consider it.

Mom might not, but I would. I normally am unable to stay interested in a book. I wanted to test and read this book in anticipation of the upcoming movie. While the storyline took a while to obtain into the actual peculiar side it still kept my interest. So much so I have read the second book and am now moving on to the third.

It's a definite read. I will say I do see a variation from the book than the trailer of the movie. I'm hoping that it's just the trailer making it appear that way. The images in the book really support to pull you into the storyline. They're supposedly vintage images with minimal altering which leads even more mystery to the story and a small magic to life as the images themselves are peculiar.

Take a possibility and read this book. You won't be disappointed. This was a amazing young adult novel. Well written an containing. A small slow to begin , since we don't meet the title hero until a third of the method through the book. Very special style in using true old photographs.

Some of the characters don't obtain much story time. Maybe in the other books. A amazing start, but I will reserve final judgement until I finish the trilogy. Well done to Ransom Riggs. Can't wait to see the movie. Getting ready to read the second. I was sitting on the beach one day while reading the book and I realised how much Miss Peregrine and Mary Poppins have in common. The pictures used throughout the book are fenominal.

This story once the film comes out is going to be the next Harry Potter. When I read the sample book I was immediately drawn to the story and the main character, Jacob. I am very critical when it comes to books and I have to say or type it is the best thing I've read in a loooong time. It's not often that I pick up a story that I literally cannot place down. I honestly can't remember the latest time I felt that method about a book I loved everything about this book. The storyline was wonderful, the characters were all very interesting, and the best part in my opinion was that I was totally amazed by the method it was written.

While reading, I felt like I was really there, like I was actually watching the happenings unfold. At the very end of the book, in an interview with the author, I discovered why this was the case. Ransom Riggs first went to college to study literature and got a degree in English.

I also really liked the use of the photos. Some were very creepy and I think it is incredibly interesting that the author collected these photographs from flea markets and such over time. I've read reviews where people said the images ruined the "modern storyline" and I think they've missed the point-these photographs are all very old, from the time when the kids were able to move about as they pleased. I loved this book so much that I went out and bought the second one so I can search out what happens next as soon as possible! I bought the Kindle edition and the audio version.

When I'm unable to read as in the vehicle on the method to work I would listen. I loved the hero of Jake. I thought the author did a very amazing job of capturing a disenfranchised sixteen year old who finds himself on an adventure. The pictures within the book are interesting, but didn't really obtain me all excited like some other readers. But, I think I'm in the minority about that.

Whenever the narrator did any female voice or accent, it was cringe-worthy. I loved his narrating voice and his voice of young Jake, but he created all the young girls sound like old biddies--all breathy and high pitched. I had a hard time getting into the 'romance' angle of the story since I kept picturing Jake with an old lady. But, overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for an simple read--an escape from daily life.

A mate brought me this book to read and although I had no expectations, it was a unbelievable surprise. From the first page I was hooked. I have since read all three in the series and did so quickly since I couldn't obtain enough. My 10 year old is now reading this book and also loves it! She hasn't place it down. My only complaint comes in the epilogue.

For a book that appeals to young readers it sure does allow a huge cat out of the bag.

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  • Parents, read the epilogue before letting younger readers begin. My 10 year old was fine but my 9 year old would be devastated. I don't necessarily think it was intended for this age group. There is also a little amount of poor language but this is not something that bothers me if not excessive. This series is based around a bunch of old photographs, some of which are kind of creepy. They also contain the photos in the book I've been told they don't work as well on e-reader though which really adds an additional element into the book. Modern day sixteen-year-old Jacob grew up on tales of his grandfathers adventures and of a home full of peculiar children.

    He grows to not believe the tales of course but after a tragedy, Jacob finds himself going to the isolated island in Wales where this home of peculiars was said to live. He finds the abandoned and crumbling home he finds there may be truth to his grandfathers old tales, and even stranger, these peculiar kids may still be alive. Basically this book has a lot going for it, especially for October. It has the whole creepy mood going for it with old photographs that seem hard to explain some of, monsters, time loops, and kids with peculiar powers!

    Then Ransom coming to the zone for the release of the third book I had to be on top of things, so we read them with our Goodreads group. The book starts out moving beautiful quick, drawing you in. Then for me it had a bit of a slow moment where I was questioning if I'd finish but then right as I thought that it drew me right back in. The story was well written and seemed to go quickly with the design of whole pages taken up by pictures here and there. Also the book itself has one of those old school feels under the cover and it is beautifully done design wise.

    The cast of characters are so special in their peculiarity but also their distinct personalities were fun to obtain to know. I think Mildred might be my favorite, though I have a unique put in my heart for each of them. I will say the largest suggestion I can create is to go into it without much info and be surprised. Also don't over think the time loop aspect, just go with it. Just know you're going to meet some peculiar children, do some peculiar things, have some creatures to deal with, and lots of interesting learning about the world. I only heard of this story after it was created into a film that I never saw.

    I bought the book without reading the description, so reading it was a bit of a mysterious adventure — one that I took with Jacob. Upon finishing the book, I found myself feeling both sad and pleased. It is a beautiful amazing book for young adult literature. Given that I have not been a young adult for a long time, I can only imagine that they would search the story intriguing.

    I didn't mind that the main characters "voice" was sometimes that of an immature teen and sometimes that of an older adult. The descriptions and info were interesting and well done. The pictures added to the overall theme in a complex and interesting manner.

    Missing Lucile Memories Of A Grandmother I Never Knew

    The book opened my eyes about how thinking and thoughts shape the method we perceive our life and how we feel about it. It is written in short and simple to digest chapters, and every word has weight. The book looks deceptively thin but I think this is to its advantage: On the other hand it is full of examples to illustrate what the author explains. I admit that in the beginning I was not sure what to expect - having read a lot of books that promise to unravel the key to happiness I was skeptical. But the first few pages caught my attention and suddenly the book turned out to be one invaluable source of info to comprehend how and why I feel the method I do.

    I strongly recommend it to everyone. It has already inspired me to do positive changes in my life. Of all the self-help books I've read I consider this one tops. Actually, this is the Bible of my "get your head straight" books. I can't say enough about this small book. I was bogged down with negative thinking when a mate suggested this book. I was looking for a book about thinking and how negative thinking affected me this book helped me obtain through a stressful experience - by NOT thinking.

    I bought this book for my 2 sons to support them to obtain onto a better street to mental positive health. Love this book and test to read it often to "get straight" in my mind. What an awesome and helpful instructional book that anyone can easily understand! From the very first chapter, I found immediate takeaways that could create a difference in both my work and private life! Everyone and anyone that reads this book will search that it will support them become a better leader in their profession and more at ease within their own self!

    Says a lot of things over and over, as if to pad the book. But parts are okay, if you don't mind repetition. Too much angst and NO joy.

    Missing Lucile Memories Of A Grandmother I Never Knew ( edition) | Open Library

    I'm exhausted after pushing through till the end of this book. I loved Jamie's first three books, but each of her books since then have been really going downhill. Each hero in the book was so miserable. I know it is a massive topic matter, but what was gained from reading all that misery without the balance of some characters who were at least a step above misery and despair, guilt , resentment, etc, etc, etc?

    I had a lot of other problems with this book. Jamie Beck showed true talent in her earlier novels with her writing style and imagination. Now, her novels are becolming increasingly massive with no happiness. This book in particular was so wordy. I felt like she was using so a lot of adjectives and descriptions in each paragraph that I began rolling my eyes. The plot was dark but shallow.

    She also jumped from Colby's point of view to Alec's without any warning or me other problems I have are: Alex never revieals his lifelong unrequited love for is hard to imagine that her family had no true concerns or at least suspicions about her husband's mental illness. Even after he jumped out a building in front of his wife!!

    Colby had no backbone. I'm truy sorry to be so blunt, but I'm hoping Ms. Beck will take message of some of these complaints. I hope she can obtain back that spark she brought to her early novels. I really miss that. I wish to thank Jamie Beck, author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for my eBook copy of Before I Knew that I won in the fore I Knew is an emotional romance that deals with family left after a tragic accidental death and then another family member taking his life.

    It has been two year since Colby Cabot-Baxter watched her husband commit suicide and she is taking positive steps to change her life and move on with the opening of A CertainTea, a fresh restaurant. Alec Morgan is dealing with his own regrets about his part in both his brother's accident and Mark's suicide and his long-time love for Colby. He is also the fresh chef for her is sets the plot for the emotional ups and down Alec and Colby search together as they support each other heal and search the loving relationship they both wish together.

    The help of Colby's half sister and her attitude toward life and her brother's loving relationship with his wife bring the family into the story. Humor comes with Colby's mother and her off-the-wall comments and ideas. The main antagonist is Alec's father and his refusal to accept Alec's choice to be a chef and in his eyes Alec's lack of he-man e resolution to all the emotional baggage makes this an perfect story and I am glad I took the time to read it.

    This book grabbed my attention at the beginning and kept it until the very end! The powerful characters and their relationships with each other was truly meaningful. The descriptions of the locations and scenery were simple to imagine. Jamie kept the momentum and suspense of the story through to the end. I won this book on Goodreads. While reading this novel I was hoping that everything would work out for all the people involved with all the trauma as I actually could almost picture myself having the problems.

    Each hero seemed not to be able to solve what they were facing on their own. I liked how the author provided a method for most of them to address the needs of them to at least begin. Looking forward to reading more about the Cabots. I am afraid I didn't care for this book.

    I had to push through to finish. If I didn't know better I would think this was written by a various author then her first set of books. It was almost like she was trying so hard to create this book "topical" or "mainstream". I felt the characters were beautiful unlovable and didn't act in a normal fashion.