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  1. Bodyguard and Four Other Short Science Fiction Novels from Galaxy by H.L. Gold
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  3. The Billionaire and the Bodyguard

I understood them more. It wasn't until Part 3 that I truly saw this as a romance and weirdly it happened during James and Mitchell's threesome. Here I saw tenderness, concern, happiness and love between the two men. The last part of the book was actually told from Marek's the third in the theeesome POV and it made the book end on a pretty sweet note.

Seeing the 2 MC through his eyes was very revealing and gave me the insight that I strangely didn't get from the 2 men themselves. It was really sweet and lovely and gave a great insight into James' feelings about Mitchell. I wish it was in the book because it gave me that little extra I needed. Nov 19, Neko rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't mean it in a bad way surprised but, surprised because I was expecting more or less, a book filled with pure smut, and though there are plenty of steamy scenes and not a whole lot of character development, what we did see was sweet and so very welcome.

Bodyguard and Four Other Short Science Fiction Novels from Galaxy by H.L. Gold

There are three parts to this book. In the first part, we see how platonic the relationship is and how although he is attracted to his boss--James--Mitchell doesn't want to give into temptation for even a second and decides to let James play his flirty games. He'll just brush it off and do his duty. He doesn't want to become just another conquest that James is always parading around the office.

In the second half, James and Mitchell have come together quite nicely. Both are starting to explore the attraction between them. Although he wanted to refuse James' advances, Mitchell couldn't keep denying that he wanted James just as badly. In part three, James and Mitchell are really fitting in all the pieces of their lives together. After a rather frightening event, their bond, their growing relationship really strengthens. Enough so, that James and Mitchell agree to make some fantasies come to fruition.

It is in this last part that we truly see just how much they both mean to each other even if they aren't exactly fully aware of it themselves. It ends on a rather cute note from the POV of their third.

It may have been a one night thing, but it gave James and Mitchell the push they needed to fully embrace their relationship. I really recommend it if you like the sound of it.

Do pick it up! Jan 02, myvic4ri0uslif3 rated it really liked it. Be sure to have fresh batteries and a fan turned on when reading this ; This book was definitely different than what I'm used to. It honestly took a little while to get used to. It was more of a present tense narration, like watching a play perhaps? And that was a first for me and so I needed a few pages to adjust. But once Mitchell and Russo got things going and then later Marek too, I actually really appreciated the way the st Wow!

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But once Mitchell and Russo got things going and then later Marek too, I actually really appreciated the way the story was told. I think it made their scenes even hotter somehow. It still kind of made the non sexy-time scenes a bit different, but only I think, because I'm not used to that.

See a Problem?

And again, the sexy times were just fantastic so I'm not complaining at all. Once I got into it I really enjoyed this whole story, or these three stories I suppose. I definitely recommend if you're looking for a hot steamy read. I will most definitely be reading this one again myself. This was a new to me author and I volunteered to leave an honest review in exchange for an advanced readers copy.

I'm glad I did because I'll absolutely be checking out more by this author! It is really HOT! They are off the charts sexy together.

The Billionaire and the Bodyguard

There is a little romance toward the end of the story but it does leave you wanting more. What happens next with James and Mitchell? Will there be more or are we to leave it up to our imagination? After that, the writing was pretty good and flowed well. The changing of points of view was a bit confusing in the 3rd part.

It seemed to all be in Mitchell's point of view until then; at that point we were briefly inside all 3 characters' heads. Because this is a pretty short story, we never really learn too much about either character. We get hints but nothing tangible. Nov 15, Pam Kay rated it it was amazing. This is SEX personified! It will call to your body as nothing ever has HOT, sex-filled, and extremely gratifying.

China's Elite Female Bodyguards

As the possibly Next mayor of the city, James Russo, begins his election Mitchell Graves, a seargeant in the SO from the narco division, has been brought in as Russo's bodyguard. Russo has two weaknesses, drinking and sex. He loves them both. Mitchell is very aware of Russo's vices as his own body wants to respond Ariana Feilman the best undercover agent was just assigned a new case to become a billionaire's bodyguard.

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