A Sketchbook - the drawings of John Norman Stewart, NWS (The John Norman Stewart - Art Series 1)

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In this painting, A. Lawrence RA captures the mythical figure of Persephone escaping from the cavernous Underworld and dancing into the light, heralding the arrival of spring. What does a year-old household bill tell us about life modelling in the 18th-century? Find out in this article exploring the historical role of the female nude life model at the RA.

Amy Bluett discovers how 19th-century women aspiring to be artists had an uphill struggle to get equal access to training at the Royal Academy Schools. As a new exhibition of paintings by Sir Joshua Reynolds opens at the Wallace Collection, we take a look at one of his more experimental pieces in the RA Collection. Amy Bluett discovers how women at the Royal Academy have fought for equality from up to the present, beginning with a closer look at founding Members Angelica Kauffman and Mary Moser. Working out of doors, Sir John Arnesby Brown RA used dynamic brushstrokes and a palette knife to capture bovine energy and the drama of dark, thundery clouds.

Watch the event and a behind-the-scenes video about the film here.

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Typical of the work of Allen Jones RA in its examination of the voyeuristic gaze, this print depicts the psychology of human interaction in bold unmodulated colours. Learn more about some of the highlights of our Collection that have recently gone on show in the John Madejski Fine Rooms.

A Sketchbook by John N. Stewart | Blurb Books

Inspired by nature, John Constable RA brought landscape art into the public eye at a time when portraiture and historical subjects were much more widely esteemed. Two members of the RA Collection team have just returned from Japan where they were transferring an exhibition of works from the RA across the country. Combining several elements of his work, this piece features the crowds common to works by Lowry, who often painted from memory or imagination. Behind the scenes with the conservators working on our Maclise cartoon.

George Clausen is remembered for the range of his remarkable accomplishments, both as an artist and as a dedicated Member of the RA. A small pamphlet, discovered deep within our archives, shows that the beard as the defining feature of hipster facial fashion has been around longer than you might think. One of the treasures of the Royal Academy Collection is now on display in a new exhibition about Michelangelo at the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Child prodigy Angelica Kauffman went on to be a founder-member of the Royal Academy.

Her paintings and drawings were widely reproduced and were particularly popular in England, often being used in interior decorations. Born in Florence, Italy, the son of a goldsmith, Bartolozzi trained with his father before enrolling at the Florentine academy in A recently discovered drawing turns out to be a design by Richard Norman Shaw RA for the biscuit barrel that he presented to the Academy in A slice of history has recently returned to the Royal Academy after over years, in the form of an intriguing drawing by John Flaxman RA.

The exhibition was organised by Survival International, a group dedicated to protecting the lives, culture, and land of tribal peoples. George Frederic Watts RA was an influential and pre-eminent painter during his own lifetime. He became known for his portraiture and his Symbolist allegorical paintings, frequently depicting scenes from mythology, history, literature, and the Bible.

Joseph Farquharson RA was a landscape painter who was celebrated for his winter scenes, which he infused with a strong sense of atmosphere and mood. News and blog Filter Podcasts Videos. Featured Article 10 buildings to see at Open House London Families Teachers and students Groups Access. We use cookies to improve your experience online. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our cookies policy.

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Search for works of art Search all fields Enter a combination of terms, e. Name Search for artists in the collection, e. Constable; Joshua Reynolds; Waterhouse, John, etc. Role You can limit your search to one particular role, e. It measures 18 x 24 inches. I sold a painting today on Daily Paintworks. It's an old one that I did in the early 's in a tromp l'oeil mode of an antique dueling pistol, watch and letter. It was originally painted in acrylic on a wood panel. It is always exhillarating when a painting sells and especially in this case because the fellow who bought it has been collecting my work for a long time now….

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Here's a picture of it. Did this drawing from my imagination, but it's been getting a lot of attention on FaceBook lately so I thought I would post it here………let me know if you like it. My granddaughter and I were drawing together last night and my wife had made some home-made kettle corn the day before and there was a huge bowl of it sitting in front of us. So I grabbed a small hunk of it and decided to draw it. The results are here. I would show her drawing, but she took it with her: I used an Eagle Draughting pencil and a small felt nib with a kneaded eraser.

A Mushroom Shaped Cloud. Finished this watercolor a couple of days ago. I was inspired by some cloud formations that I saw while driving home from Redding, CA. This watercolor measures 12 x 16 inches and was painted on heavy lb. This is a very small watercolor, 4 x 8 inches that I did a couple of years ago.

I really do like the desert and my late wife and I used to take trips from Los Angeles to Tuscon, AZ and it's amazing the variety of scenery and weather variations you can run into, especially during the "Monsoon" season.

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Click here to purchase: I did this watercolor a couple of days ago. I've done several similar watercolors over the years and call them Abstract Florals or in this case "Floral Fantasy". I really enjoy doing these because they are done in a free, spontaineous way and depict our Creator's beautiful works. This one measures 18 x 24 inches.

You can click on. Here's another eye study that I did after the last posting. It measures 4 x 4 inches and was painted in oil on a panel. A Small Eye Study in Oil. Yesterday I did a couple of small 4 x 4 inch oil studies of eyes. It's a subject that intrigues me and I've done a few of them. I titled this one "Surprise" click on the image to see it a little larger Purchase this painting here. More Drawing - My Hand. Did this one today. It is of my right hand and since I am right handed I had to take a picture and draw from that.

I used charcoal pencil on 11 x 14 inch 70 lb. Hands and feet seem to be way more difficult to do than bodies and heads for me. Click on image to see a larger version And here is another one from Glenn Vilppu's online class. It's a study of a nude female back view with a lot of flexibility going on. It was done with Prismacolor pencil with charcoal pencil accents on 70 lb.

Here's the second drawing that I did in Glenn Vilppu's online class. It is a very complex drawing of a male back. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Back To Art School. I've been checking out an online art instruction school called New Master's Academy and today I did three drawings with one of their instructors Glenn Vilppu. Comics Interview Super Special: Solano Lopez en Primera Persona: The Book of Mr.

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Grin and Bare It! Secrets of Oscar-Winning Animation: Parace Que Es La Guella 2. Richard Corben's Art Book Vol. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Free Activation Series, Vol. The Jackson Vol.

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Who's Afraid of Robert Crumb? Arthur Adams Sampler Vol. Arthur Adams Sketchbook Vol.